Beneath A Violet Sun

by Amethyst

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released February 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Amethyst Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Blondie
I set my eyes upon you and then I knew.
I'd never love another cuz I found you.
You slipped into my body and in my dreams
I felt you taking over and consume me

Yeah I'll love you for now
Until I don't know how to move or see it through
This life without you.

Take my heart in exchange for the things I need.
You keep me begging for more I'm living on my knees
Without your touch eternal I'd lose my mind
Time is a source or terror if you're alone when you die.
Track Name: Turn 2 Blue
Sold my soul to you, still your fool.
How I wish you knew that I am broke in two
My heart has turned to blue

My love, I'm burning with lust.
Your gaze, I'll never escape.

Take away my pain Leave love in its place.
Stay, You can never leave.
Dance into my dream.
Deep as I can sleep.
Track Name: My Aim Is True
And if I fall
away from this
I hope my aim is true and blessed

Blessed be me and the terrible things
Haunting me in my dreams
Force my eyes shut
I'll never be enough

Dream away
back to better days
Of falling in love not fading away.
Track Name: Violet Sun
God I wanna know
Why I must turn to stone
Each time you cross my mind
I wanna hold you close
Crawl into your bones
And tear up your insides

You are all that I want

Don't you forget about me
In your fading memory
And when you lose your mind
Like the rest of us
Don't forget my love
That you're all I want
My violet sun.

Can't seem to keep control
I'll never let you go
But still I feel you slip
Love you've left a mark
Upon my ever breaking heart
And I can't get a grip
Track Name: Plaything
Spring to life blooming boy
All you are is someone's toy
Twist the key and make believe
Never more than a passing dream
Soon enough your bones will break
Hopefully you'll then escape
Mark the walls until the day
Clip your wings while you fly away

Can't seem to kill
My want will never die
Let the blood stain
I am your plaything.

Hope to find out what you are
Make a wish in a dying star
Blow the flame just in time
Leave a world that you love behind
Swiftly you strike at your pray
Harmful fun innocently
Sharpest knives are set to play
God I know you love the taste.
Track Name: Run Away From Me
Don't run away from me
Please don't leave me Alone in suffering

Twirl me around your finger tips
I'll play dumb to all of your tricks
Here I suffer
Blow me away into the wind
My heart will stop before I give in
Here I suffer

Don't run away from me
Please don't leave me Alone in suffering

Keep me safe in your warm embrace
Comfort I can not replace
Keep me under
Swoon beneath your waning moon
In your shadow born a new
keep me under

Don't run away from me
Please don't leave me Alone in suffering
Don't say it's better this way
You don't have to be the one running away.
Track Name: Be Your Burden
Chain you to me heart
Just to tear you apart
Let you in, to be your burden
I'm only here to harm

I never meant to ever hurt you.

Dreams of green eyes
Beauty blooms in what dies
Sad on lonely nights
Beauty in what dies
In green eyes
Track Name: Complete Me
I wanna know the feeling
Of floating through my ceiling
You know, I know, you're all I need
I wanna feel like I've been
Freed of all my absence
You know, I know, you're all I see

Fold me and tuck me away so neatly
Keep me where I wanna be
Complete me
Hidden away from your eyes
Won't find me.
Smiling alone in the dark
So charming.
How I wish It could be

Breaking the cage in my head
Dusting away all of the cobwebs
I know, you that, I can't breathe
Push me to lie to myself
The only truth that I've held
I know, you know, its make believe
Track Name: Glassjaw
Born alone
I guess I'll die the same
Fear before march comes
And I go up in flames
Sing myself to sleep
With a somber melody
Only to wake again
Repeat my misery

I'll float around
Catch you another time
I'll be waiting
Shy as a feline
Count the breaths 'til I catch your eye
Smile while you take me life.

Safe for now
My mind has turned to mush
Drown in alcohol and suicidal lust
Night when I'm alone
Buried in my dim lit home
You'd think I'd learn to run
But here I'm stuck